Rhino 8 Feature: Improved UV Mapping

Hi @Pavel_Dvořák ,

I believe you did an Unwrap but didn’t select any seams to separate the cube into a flat UV island. You will need to Unwrap again as shown in the video below. You can then adjust the UV island with it’s control points or the other tools in the UVeditor.

Thank you very much. for simple subjects it will be very easy now, thanks to your advice. if I can bother you. any way for this bed model? here it is not possible to clearly specify the shape of the surface as was the case with the cube. THANK YOU
Minotti_Spancer_bed.3dm (8.2 MB)

@Pavel_Dvořák ,

For something like this model, your fastest mapping workflow will be to use WCS box mapping which is the default for textures in Rhino’s library materials. Alternately, you could assign each object it’s own box mapping method if you wanted finer control over the texture scale. If you do it that way, make sure to change the texture in the material to Mapping Channel instead of WCS.

I hope that helps. Please make new topics on the forum for new questions. Thanks.


Dear Brian, many thanks. the mapping using cube mode bringt me some time any complication in details in the corners etc., but is 100% the easys way and with small postproduction in PS ready for finaly. THANK YOU. have a nice time. thanks for help.
kind regards

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A welcome step forward !
Curious: Do we know what “things” were being baked to textures in v7 and prior ?

  • procedural textures
  • custom object mapping
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