Rhino 8 Development

Also, which key/mouse combo is used for panning in the render window should follow what is set in the viewports. Consistency…

Rhino only adds a file to the taskbar menu if you Open the file explicitly via explorer.

It should add the file when you do a save as. In my opinion.

I can save a file, come back to Rhino the next day. Open the latest file via the taskbar and when it opens I see that it isn’t the latest file. It is the previous one that I edited the day before and incremental saved (or whatever).

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my top wish : Python 3 support for rhino and grasshoper.
is there somewhere to upvote that ? or maybe already in the pipe?

thanks for your work.

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It’s already in the pipe. @eirannejad has been working on this and we are hoping to have something in the Rhino 8 WIP in the near future.


Thanks for GH Player!


As a Sketchup user transitioning to Rhino. Guidelines that you can snap to like SU has would make me happy. I was so excited for guidelines in RH 6, so disappointed that they were useless for my workflow. I brought this up before. Guidelines - #6 by lando.schumpich

Hi Nathan,

Not only that but please scrap the old material library and build a powerful new one based on these ideas. I really like all the features that Arnold has in max. I’m sure blender has even more. It would be great to have specific textures in GH that are calculation based. I know we can do some of this now but it needs to be less nerdy. I like the node based editor and we should have this in cycles.

I found this quite funny to see in the same paragraph right after each other. Less nerdy, give me node editor :smiley: I think node editor is epitome of nerdiness if you ask me (I get that you mean it needs to be more accessible than the current GhShaderNodes setup).


Yea you’re right but even I have succumbed to it. Wait what’s this slide rule doing here. Not just nedry old too.

My dream is that you make a node based material editor similar to GH but a tad more accessible.
I guess and dam if this aint nerdy I like to be able to plugin math to make and alter textures plus being able to layer textures by connecting wires is really powerful. The image is from max, blender must have similar possibilities. I’m sure Gh could add many more and open up custom stuff by users as well.
The tab material editor still occasionally suffers with redraw and display issues. I would like a dedicated Material editor ala gh with the one click on title that makes it roll up.

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I tried it and it works as I expected, but the downside is that it doesn’t support intersection points, perpendiculars and doesn’t support rulers etc.

Can we also get a persistent lasso/ brush selection mode? If I toggle either of these on, I expect to be using them repeatedly. Preferably, there should also be a mode similar to Autocad with a two click box selection (top left/right - bottom left-right) and click and hold lasso mode with optional window/ crossing left/right direction or overall window/ crossing.

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I would like to create curves, surfaces, subd over background geometries (surfaces, subd, meshes) with the possibility of setting up an offset value: f.e. to create a curve over the surface which would be created 3mm over the surface. I love background constraint in Modo where I can set up how big offset should I have during “retopo”. I think it would be also useful in NURBS world.


Wait, IronPython 3 is still far from being somewhat ready… :thinking:
But man, Python 3 would be great great news!

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Imagine, you can get these procedural texturing and shading in GH, you can link Real-time traffic data to from elk and immediately use it as emissive material texture! this will take design visualization to the next level.


Great Ideas Tay. I hope this all makes it in, but not getting my hopes up.

Unless it’s about the BlockManager, because then we’re 20 years too late, or what was it you said @Pascal? :wink:

Or is it that McNeel is open to suggestions, which then get put on the infamous infinite “heap” and then never touched for 20 years?


As an Industrial Designer, I wish for new surface and line fillet controllability. Especially doing controllable g3 blends with a chord length input for lines would save me a lot of work. I wrote a script to do such blends but it only works on XY Plane and I can’t change the control point distances before baking.

Also, a link of the control points on both sides would come in handy!

I would love to be able to do nice controlable g3 blends (chord length and distance, maybe radius equialent?!) with a GH component as well!

you can hold shift then drag points, to link the control points on both sides of a blend-


Sketchup is also for theatrical and fashion show set designers and retail shop display designers… and there’s something horribly wrong with that.

Those people go to college to learn to draw and for some reason they all end up using the CAD equivalent of Duplo. Somebody make it stop!


I don’t think so. It’s a great and cheap 3D modelling tool for beginners and amateurs. It was my start into 3D back in high school. If I would have had to start with Rhino, I probably would have given up right away! The ease of use of SketchUp is widely unrivalled up to now. Maybe TinkerCAD can match it in terms of accessibility. Rhino is way too complex, clumsy, and bloated, if you ask me.