Rhino 8 C/C++ SDK with Cmake

I have downloaded all the necessary tools (Rhino 8 C/C++ SDK and Rhino Visual Studio Extension) to generate a compiled file that can be used with Rhino’s internal compiler. Since the Rhino 8 C/C++ SDK includes all the required headers, I would like to import these headers into a blank C++ project and set up the dependencies directly in the Visual Studio project instead of using the Rhino Visual Studio Extension. To achieve this, I need to configure the VS project, which can be done effectively using a CMakeLists file. Could someone provide an existing CMakeLists file that would facilitate this setup?

Additionally, I understand that the output DLL file can be called through Rhino’s C# compiler. Is it also possible to call it from Python or any other language supported by Rhino?

Maybe this could help you inderstand some details on calling a dll from Python.

Also you could try searching on the Forum using the key words:

C++ Dll python