Rhino 7 - Windows 11 (not beta)

I fear I jumped to gun here, but my old laptop was just not up to the task. I get an error that VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing. Reload and try again. Downloaded and copied it into System32m then I got an error MSVCP140.dll. Downloaded and installed it and got a big nothing burger.

Hi -

Iā€™m not sure what you mean by downloaded and copied and why System32?
At any rate, I would install the X64 package from this site and see if that helps: Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Docs

I made the cardinal mistake of using a Google search of the error, which pointed me to a YouTube hack video, which just addresses the singular dll. Followed your link to Microsoft and Rhino is purring like a tomcat in a milk jar.

Thanks for your help and quick response

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