Rhino 7 Typing in "Notes" panel problem

Rhino 7, Typing in “Notes” panel the mouse line goes to the Command Line window when pressing keys like Enter or Back ,instead of going to next line. Sometimes it works well after awhile and then happens again.

i reported this and a couple of other users did. i can’t find the post but i think they said they fixed it for the next release.

Thank you

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So far I do not see any items on the bug pile about this, fixed or not… But so far I cannot reproduce it either.


This is it: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-61022

That happens to me as well… Trying to delete by either pressing “Delete” or “Back” by first highlighting text in Notes. But also trying to press Enter inorder to start a new line. The mouse line just enters in the Command window.

Well, we have to wait for the next SR to see if it has indeed been fixed. It was already ‘fixed’ once for 7.1, but the fix wasn’t 100%, so the issue was re-opened.

Got it, thanks.


Does indeed appear to be fixed in the latest 7.2 RC - (7.2.21005.13001, 05-Jan-21)

Thank you. I can confirm that it seems fixed in 7.2 RC - (7.2.21005.13001, 05-Jan-21)