Rhino 7 install over Rhino6

We currently have installs of Rhino 6 for windows. Will Rhino 7 silently via cmdline upgrade the V6 or does V6 need to be uninstalled first? If so how can I silently uninstall V6 is it a mSI cmdline?


You can keep R6 installed, it won’t be overwritten.

// Rolf

what if I want r6 removed can I do that at the same time?

if so do you know the cmd line for that?

I would first remove V6 and after that install V7 to be sure that all file’s associations points to V7.


lucio, I agree but is there a command ine to remove V6 this wll be a sccm push. so I want a silent uninstall of 6 the a silent install of 7

The link @lucio_zadra posted above shows the command line options for installing or uninstalling.

As @kev.r told, V6 and V7 installers works the same.
This is the wiki page for V6 and the options are the same (the only difference is that you need v6.exe to uninstall and v7.exe to install).

usually you can run a msi command line or uninstall command and not need the origianal files…

for exampe from a v6 reg key for silent installs it shows