Rhino 7 Feature: Mold Making Tools Enhanced

New tools for mold making include enhanced parting line and parting surface creation tools.

  • Parting Lines are created using the Create Draft Curves button in the DraftAngleAnalysis dialog box.
  • Parting Surfaces can be created from part lines using the RibbonOffset command.


Next Steps:

  • Download Rhino 7 WIP for windows8logo Windows or finderLogo Mac
  • Run the Draft Analysis command, and select the Add Curve checkbox. See below for more details.
  • Run the RibbonOffset command. See below for more details.
    • Developer can use these calls in RhinoCommon for use in C# and Python:
    • Rhino.Geometry.Curve.RibbonOffset()
    • Rhino.Geometry.Silhouette.ComputeDraftCurve()
  • Ask questions and give feedback on the WIP Forum.

This is a work in progress feature and we are looking for feedback.

How to access both commands:

Draft Analysis Split curves: The standard Draft Analysis panel now has check boxes to create a curve at the Maximum, Middle and Minimum angle. The draft vector can also now be set.

RibbonOffset: Use the new RibbonOffset command to create split surfaces across a mold.


Very cool. Will be a great tool when tuned up. Unfortunately this fails on curves from complex mesh edges. Will post some examples soon.

Until then my work flow is:
-offset mesh appropriate direction and distance
-grab a boundary curve
-simplify/rebuild/smooth that an appropriate amount, and probably tweak a few control points
-sweep2 between that curve and the boundary curve from the original mesh


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teria algum pluguin especifico para fabricação de moldes e biblioteca de componentes para rhino 6 ou wip?

Hi -

I’m not sure if I got that question right, but this feature is for Rhino 7 only.