Hard to model NURBS

I am a professional aircraft modelers.
I am a SoftImage XSI user before using Rhino.
I am a user modeling aircraft with NURBS. But it’s too hard to model NURBS on Rhino.

Hi - I’ve moved your post from the thread as it didn’t appear to be relevant.
Could you please provide more information about what it is that you are having problems with?

If you look at the link address, there is a method of modifying and modeling NURBS in the soft image.
In a soft image, it is easy to stick a lump and cut the lump, and it is easy to fix it by moving a few points.
But it’s too hard on Rhino.

Are you interested in learning how to model using Rhino? The first step may be understanding that it works differently than SoftImage XSI.

A good place to start learning Rhino is with the User’s Guide which is a tutorial of the basics of Rhino. Then go through the Level 1 Manual and Level 2 Manual. The Guide and Manuals can be downloaded for free at Rhino - Learn to use Rhino