Clash Detection - edges of clashing objects?

I need a quick way to generate the edges between two clashing objects, and unfortunately this new Clash Detection component it is only returning a point between the two geometries. It is possible to add an option to generate the edges between the clashing objects like the green line into the picture bellow? (9.0 KB)

P.S. Will be also useful to have in Rhino an option to move an object until it is clashing (touching) to another object. Very useful when modelling assemblies composed of multiple objects or when placing object on the ground for example.


It is a question of speed. The Clash component is super fast at clashing 1000’s of objects. But the only thing it tells you is that they contact each other.

Now if you need more information, take the clash results and run the specific pairs through the BREP Intersect component. You can see the results you have of each intersection.

Note here that the BREP intersect needs a tree datastructure, not a simple list, so I add a graph component before the inputs.

I have attached the files: (235.2 KB)