Rhino 7 explode mesh : no warning message?

explode mesh has had a warning message as far as I can remember but in V7 this is gone. It’s very useful as right now I made a mistake that costs me either an unknow amount of waiting time, or my current file edits.

Hi Gijs - this is what I get:


The ceiling may have been raised at some point but the message seems to be there.


Hi @pascal thanks for taking a look into this, I just tested the same mesh I exploded in V7 in V6 and there the mesh also gives no warning, but still it took quite some time to explode, (approx 45 seconds) and after that:
Command: _Explode
Exploded a polygon mesh into 17104 meshes.
I guess I should rephrase my post then. Can we have this message as a preview before hitting continue to explode the mesh?

Hi Gijs - I guess I am confused about exactly what happens for you in this case … here, I run Explode on a mesh with a lot of unwelded faces and the message box turns up as above immediately, before it proceeds to the actual explosion, and if I Cancel or answer No, no explode happens on that object… Does that sound like the right proecess?


@pascal seems I don’t get the warning even when something explodes in 34000 meshes, sent you pm with test mesh file

Hi Gijs - thanks, I have your file and I see the problem here as well.
RH-62722 Explode: No warning on dense mesh

@Gijs - there is a line of code in there that skips the warning under some circumstances - The developer is going to comment that out in the next round of releases. It is not clear to me what the extra criteria are there for, but it seems not to warn if the meshes are larger then a couple of faces, no matter what the total number of resulting objects is.


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