Rhino 7 - Custom Preview color display BUG

Hi there!

I’m sure by now some of you may have noticed that since the latest Rhino7 Update there is something wrong with Custom Preview:

Its not showing more than one color in Rendered View, depending on what ‘Swatch’ you’ve plugged in first

I have attached a small script below and some images.

Is there a way to fix this ?


Rhino 7_Custom Preview color display BUG.gh (7.4 KB)

Yes, this has been reported by many lately and a fix is on it’s way (allegedly in the next service release candidate).

// Rolf

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That’s correct.
RH-63369 was fixed and should (*) be available in a new release candidate a few hours from now.
( *) I see there’s a stop-ship item but I’m not sure if / how that will affect the upcoming release…



Just installed the new release candidate!

Works just fine! Thanks a lot for the rapid solution!