Rhino 7 C++ SDK requires Visual Studio 2019

When installing Rhino C++ SDK, it requires VS2019…

While VS 2022 has been release for quite a while, is there any plan to update the requirement?

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Hi @xliotx,

Like Rhino 7, the Rhino 8 WIP is also build with VS 2019. This isn’t likely to change.

That said, you can use VS 2022 to build plug-ins for Rhino. Just make sure you’ve installed the Visual Studio 2019 (v142) tool set. Use the Visual Studio Installer to do this.

– Dale

Any reason that McNeel doesn’t update the toolset?

This means for the supported period of Rhino8 (probably another 2-3 years), developers have to install a VS2019 toolset, even when the dominant VS on the market is v143, v144, etc…

Sure. We want plug-in built for Rhino 7 to load in Rhino 8. There may be other reasons as well. But this is by far the biggest.

– Dale

This is fair enough.
But then you should make the C++ SDK detect v142 toolset, not VS2019…

I have VS2022 installed, with both v142 and v143 toolset.

However, when I tried to install the Rhino C++ SDK, I got this:


Hi @xliotx,

This is something we’ll look into when rolling out the Rhino 8 C++ SDK.

But these are the requirements for Rhino 7.

– Dale

I tried to find a old runtime version a few weeks ago. Where are they?