Rhino 7 C++ SDK requires Visual Studio 2019

When installing Rhino C++ SDK, it requires VS2019…

While VS 2022 has been release for quite a while, is there any plan to update the requirement?

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Hi @xliotx,

Like Rhino 7, the Rhino 8 WIP is also build with VS 2019. This isn’t likely to change.

That said, you can use VS 2022 to build plug-ins for Rhino. Just make sure you’ve installed the Visual Studio 2019 (v142) tool set. Use the Visual Studio Installer to do this.

– Dale

Any reason that McNeel doesn’t update the toolset?

This means for the supported period of Rhino8 (probably another 2-3 years), developers have to install a VS2019 toolset, even when the dominant VS on the market is v143, v144, etc…

Sure. We want plug-in built for Rhino 7 to load in Rhino 8. There may be other reasons as well. But this is by far the biggest.

– Dale

This is fair enough.
But then you should make the C++ SDK detect v142 toolset, not VS2019…

I have VS2022 installed, with both v142 and v143 toolset.

However, when I tried to install the Rhino C++ SDK, I got this:


Hi @xliotx,

This is something we’ll look into when rolling out the Rhino 8 C++ SDK.

But these are the requirements for Rhino 7.

– Dale

I tried to find a old runtime version a few weeks ago. Where are they?

Just noting that this apparently hasn’t been done yet for the V8 WIP: I have the 2019 V142 build components installed within VS 2022 but the SDK package still refuses to install.

Assuming that what I understand from the above is correct (developing in VS2022 is fine so long as you have the v142 optional components installed) then is updating the SDK install package to not require VS2019 still on the todo list?


The components can be selected in the Visual Studio 2022 installer (select Modify and then add theh checkboxes).

Visual Studio 2019 is no longer a general release but MS does have a developer program you can sign up for to get a copy on their website.

For V7, correct. For the Rhino 8 WIP, you do not need VS2019 installed. But you will need the platform toolset.

– Dale

VS 2022 installed, VS 2019 optional build tools component installed (V142):
Screenshot (132)

Rhino SDK,
still says:

Clean install, new (several days) Windows 11 Pro laptop.

Sigh, I see that. Thanks for reporting.


– Dale

Hi @dale,

I’m bumping this topic. Installing the Rhino 7 SDK still requires VS 2019, despite having MSVC v142 added to VS 2022:

Is there a way of installing the SDK without VS 2019?

Microsoft doesn’t provide VS 2019 installers anymore:

I followed this link and it appears that MS doesn’t offer these installers any more (see screenshot in my previous post). Found an unofficial mirror, installed VS 2019, installed the Rhino 7 SDK, uninstalled VS 2019 and everything works on VS 2022 now.

A bit of a workaround but got me there.