Rhino 7/8 Plugin question

We are developing a plugin for Rhino 7 now, the codes are using .NET 4.8, should we change to .NET 5 or .NET 6 instead? if we want to support Rhino 8 later, Thanks a lot!

Hi @Robin3,

We are investigating the use of .NET 6 in Rhino 8 for Windows, but it is still currently using .NET 4.8.

– Dale

Thanks Dale, so, .NET 5 was not supported by the Rhino 7? we had some old WCF codes to mentain the communication between Rhino and our web based UI. However, we are not sure if Mono support it or not on the MAC OS, if Rhino 7 support .NET 5, we may want to transfer the codes to google GRPC then. Thanks Dale!

Here’s where we stand with regards to .NET and Rhino 7/8

Rhino 8 for Mac is using .NET 6.

Rhino 8 for Windows is currently using .NET 4.8, but will be using .NET 6 in the near future. Plug-ins compiled against .NET 4.8 will continue to run in Rhino 8 even when we switch to .NET 6. There are a few SDK breaks between these .NET versions, but they are rare and not used very often.

We will investigate using .NET 7 for Rhino 8 when it becomes a stable release.

Rhino 7 uses .NET 4.8. Other versions of .NET (5,6,7) are not supported in Rhino 7.

Got it, Thanks Steve!