Rhino 7 2 rail sweep problem and slow control-C control-V

I’m having a major problem with 2 rail sweep in Rhino 7 New complete version. I don’t remember having this problem in Rhino WIP. Adjusting any control point on the rails or adjusting any of the cross-section curves , contorts the surface.
A second less important problem is that “control-past (Cont C- Cont V)” has a long pause with the mouse pointer spinning . This stall started with Rhino 7 WIP a few months ago, and was not present in the early 7 WIP or in Rhino 6. Thanks

for web.3dm (194.9 KB)

Hello - set up the cross sections to have matching seam points - CrvSeam command, then, when sweeping set the curve seams to use ‘Natural’ Then the update should work better.


Thank you . Tried before posting this to realign the cross section curve seams without the “Natural” option and it did not work. With the “Natural” option it worked fine. Thanks. Can you explain what the “Natural” option does exactly?

Hello - Natural just finds the existing individual curve seams and directions - rather than try to make them match up in a logical way. If you set this up ahead of time to match correctly using CrvSeam, then Sweep can use Natural and have it work out - what I think happens if you only adjust the seams in Sweep2 is that on updating the history, it does not find the adjusted locations properly, (which may be a bug in itself) and reverts to Natural.


Thank you so much. Please look into the lag in the keyboard Control C Control V. Something I do multiple times during the day. I’m also experiencing lags in keyboard input to the “Notes” panel. Never happened in Rhino 6 on same computer.

Come to think of it, the “add slash” option in 2 rail sweep, caused a similar contortion as the sample here, in Rhino 6 . I did bring it to this forums attention, but it was never fixed as far as I know. Now, in 7 , “add slash” works fine, but sweep 2 added another step to think about, the “Natural” option, when doing sweep 2

Hi -

That issue is fixed in Rhino 7.3. A Release Candidate of that version should be available next week.

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