RHINO 6 via VMWARE Fusion on MAC— Control points not showing

Hello Everyone,

I have a colleague running rhino 6 through vmware fusion on a mac machine and for some odd reason control points or points, in general, are not being rendered in the rhino viewport.

I’ve double-checked the viewport type to make sure points are selected to show up…but that did not work either. When control points are turned on they can be selected, they just don’t get rendered.

I wanted to pop in there and see if anyone might have experienced something similar? In the past he’s ran rhino 5 without this issue…so I’m not sure if this is a graphics driver issue via vmware fusion or a rhino 6 issue.

Any input is appreciated.


It may be not same thing, but I use VMware Workstation Player for testing and I don’t see any edges or curves in Rhino 8 WIP. Rhino 7 works normally. No problems without virtualization so I expect reason are VMware drivers.

Rhino does not support virtual machines in any form. If it works, you’re lucky. If it doesn’t, you’re on your own.

Thank you for pointing that out—

Yes, it seems like whatever you can get to work, works…or it doesn’t.