Rhino 6: setting cursor tooltip color not working


Rhino versions before 6 had another method for drawing osnap, where one could choose “white on black”

I found a setting in advanced options, but setting other colors here, also after restarting rhino stick in the settings, but the viewport is only showing the standard black on grey.


could you please verify? (and fix :slight_smile: )

Hello - I see that, thanks.


thanks Pascal!



it has been a while…

I noticed in the youtrack that the options to change the tooltip color have been discontinued.

Not sure what the motivation here was to change to a system that does not allow these controls anymore.

from a user perspective, I cannot quite understand why, after using this type of Osnap display for more than a decade:

this is the replacement:

for my eyes the latter is inferior, and simply more straining on the eyes, especially when using dark backgrounds.

I would very much welcome if you could restore the possibility to control this.

if you know any (registry)hack to achieve this… fine with me

I am still on windows 7 and there are controls for the tooltip:



on windows 10 there is the possibility to get there via registry:

but Rhino does not pick up these options either… it always draws default.