Rhino 6 Offline Help

Dear Rhino Forum, this is Bartleboom here, alias Fabio.
I’m Rhino user since v.2, then v.3. Then Windows changed some important things on its O.S. and Rhino 3 didn’t run anymore. So I was captured from the dark side of Blender.

Now I’m considering to get back home with Rhino 7, I downloaded the Trial and tried to install the Off Line Help from https://www.rhino3d.com/download/Rhino/6.0/Rhino6OfflineHelp, but it failed, see attachment please, I tried with RhiFix too, but same message.
Reading the Help download link I read ‘Requires SR6 or above’ so… can you help me, please?

Offline Help

Hello - that link is for V6, and even a V7 link gets the V6 rhi… I’ll investigate, thanks.

WWW-1161 Offline Help link may be incorrect


Thanks a lot. It’s very kind of you. Best regards