Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.15.19092.12046

There is a new Rhino 6 for Mac Work In Progress (WIP) build available.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so, please update AND RUN the latest Rhino 5 for Mac before using this RhinoWIP. This will migrate your Mac V5.4 Preference settings to the latest Mac V5/Mac V6 Preference settings.

This build is for testing purposes only. DO NOT USE for critical work.

What’s New in this RhinoWIP:

  • Fixed a major crash when deleting dimensions and annotations
  • Continued User Interface cleaning
  • Icons improvements in Properties and Inspector Panels
  • Other bug fixes, performance, and stability enhancements

Please report any problems you find in the Serengeti Mac forum.

Requires macOS High Sierra or later

Download Now…

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