Rhino 6 Export Issue


(Seaneichelberger) #1

Not really pleased with the Rhino 6 “improvements”. “Background Bitmap” command was streamlined and efficient. Why eliminate it just because you added a “Picture” command???

Anyway, my purpose in posting was to see if anyone knows of a way to stop Rhino from exporting cameras with every piece of geometry I export? Of course they are easily deleted upon opening the geometry in my render software, but why have to deal with this extra step?


(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #2

Regarding BackgroundBitmap, it is back since 6.2 - make sure you are up to date with service releases (don’t forget to expand the message linked for the whole text):

Regarding export:

I tested FBX and DAE export. When you export make sure you check the Save Geometry Only checkbox.

(Seaneichelberger) #3

Thanks for the info! Glad to hear BackgroundBitmap is back.

(Seaneichelberger) #4

I’m exporting as 3ds. I tried exporting with “Save Geometry Only” checked, but still includes cameras. Happens every time. Any other ideas?

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hello - there is a fix for this in the current 6.3 service release candidate - you can get this by setting Options > Updates and statistics > ‘Update fruequecy’ to ‘Service release candidate’.


(Seaneichelberger) #6

Thanks! That solves my issues…