Migration from Rhino5 to Rhino6


I want to migrate my Rhino5 plugin to Rhino6. Please how to do the migration. Cant find the link about how to migrate from Rhino5 to Rhino6 - I am sure the link was around until recently. I can only find the link how to migrate Rhino6 to Rhino7.
Also I think you had migration tool from rhino5 to rhino6, cant find the link.

Thank you

I found the following link: https://github.com/mcneel/cpp-migrator
Also, you might be interested in: https://developer.rhino3d.com/guides/cpp/migrate-your-plugin-windows/

These links assume you are developing with the c++ sdk.

Thank you for the link to the tool.
The second link you sent it opens migration guide to rhino7.

Also how to find What New document between Rhino5Sdk and Rhino6Sdk

Hi @Elizabeta,

– Dale