Rhino 6.14 bug - SplitMeshWithCurve

The mesh disappears when SplitMeshWithCurve command attempts to split it. By the way, SplitMeshWithCurve and Split commands ignore guides (infinite lines).
Rhino 6.14 bug - SplitMeshWithCurve.3dm (366.3 KB)

@pascal @John_Brock SplitMeshWithCurve does not work on any mesh, but MeshSplit works with the same curves and meshes.

They both work for me:

When I run the SplitMeshWithCurve command, the entire mesh disappears. There are no exceptions. Please find the attached SystemInfo file and second Rhino model with the failing meshes.
SystemInfo.txt (3.3 KB)
Rhino 6.14 bug - SplitMeshWithCurve 2.3dm (649.7 KB)

Thanks for the file.
I can reproduce the problem with your example meshes.

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The YT link is broken. Any news on this bug? I’ve found splitmeshwithcurve works on simple/low res meshes, but not complex/highres meshes.


Hi Robert - that YT item was set to Developers-only - I’ve now opened it.
Fixing problems with geometry is often a case-by-case process. Please always post examples of things that fail.

The YT item has the user’s 3DM file attached.
It that okay to have it exposed?
I guess it is since he posted it on the forum earlier.