Rhino 5 vs Rhino 6 Displaypipeline


i’m using the sample from @dale to create preview images of geometry which he mentioned already in my last post at:

first i used this code in Rhino 5 which worked very well. But now i’m converting to Rhino 6 and now with the exact same code i got an image which is hard to recognize:


I don’t know what is exactly the problem, i already tried to change the material but it’s always so dull.
Can you help me to improve the Rhino 6 preview image to get more contrast?

If you’ve modified or even re-typed the sample code it would probably help if you posted your version here.

Hi @dsw,

The I’ve updated the sample preview code, that I wrote for V5, for V6. You might want to compare the changes and see if they make a difference.


– Dale

Hi @dale,
i used the exact same code, but the display attributes which should be applied in the line

const CDisplayPipelineAttributes* dma = CRhinoDisplayAttrsMgr::StdShadedAttrs();

does not have any affect. In my code i got the same result if i used shaded or the rendered attributes. Even if i use the wireframe attributes i got a shaded image. Any ideas?

Hi @dsw,

I’m going to need a sample that replicates the problem.

– Dale