RhineGem - gem plug-in

I don `t want to offend you! sorry.
you probably have good code . for you.
like my plugin is good for me.
but in real life yours is difficult to apply.
how do you indicate the height of the pad and the length of the tip? in the exact size?

in ratio…I think. I don’t remember by heart. you should try it out :wink:

what would you do differently and why? I am interested in your constructive oppinion.

for many, it is important to indicate the basic size.
look like in the Matrix. (yes, this is not ideal and not correct), but the designer quickly gets his template for work …

your algorithm draws well and correctly, but it takes longer to adjust this to the desired size.

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thank you for your feedback! :+1:

that’s indeed true, it’s for drawing unique stones, not exactly what is used to do mass production or quick work.
as you said earlier, for less expensive stones, no extreme precision is required. one can just import a gem from a file (from the old matrix database) and scale it, that’s largely enough. I personally would not draw it again. And I don’t use the plug in for that. just for extremely pricey stones that need a very exact fit, but 3d scanning is not necessary or not possible.

sorry for the criticism. I understand this is not pleasant, I also received a lot of criticism from my project Grasshopper Gold. :sweat_smile:

I can only thank you both @benedict and @taraskydon for your valuable tools your share so generously with us. THANK YOU

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