Rh7 selection in big polysrf

I’ve always loved using betas, even for work.
I have used 1 bit rhino 7 wip according to my standards it is ready to do this type of jump.
One thing makes this impossible for me.
I noticed that the selection of objects in shading mode is much more precise than what you see and what is behind it (I hope I explained myself), this is positive. At the same time it makes everything very slow, in the use during the selection processes of large polysurfaces.
Especially when I am working on the move from my laptop.

Is it possible to somehow disable this new option?



I’ve noticed another polysurface face selection challenge in that Rh7 relies completely on clicking near face isocurves so I have to turn Display visibility of isocurves on to see where I might successfully click to select a face. So clicking “right on it” won’t work. Only clicking on it at a specific isocurve of it works.