RH7 GH SubD How to edit multiple edge tags/creases

Hi all,

I’m experienced in grasshopper, but new to SubD.

When I try to edit the edge tags of a SubD to create creases, it only works with a single tag and id. With lists of tags and IDs as inputs it replicates the subd instead of applying the changes to the same instance, almost as if the input was grafted.

My question is: How can I edit multiple subd edge tags on the same instance, at once?

Hi @mdjaere,

This component takes as input a list of edge IDs to set to a shared tag. If you want to set multiple edges as crease you can pass a list of edge indices and one “crease” tag to the component. If you want to set some edges as smooth and some as creased, you need to chain two components using each tag separately.

It works this way because it copies the template of the OpenNURBS function it is based on.

DI-88061gh.gh (16.2 KB)

There is also some discussion on improving this component here: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-66668


Hi @pierrec,

Thank you–the example and discussion explains the problem and your file is working great. One thing I found is that the SubDEdges component is flaky when chained, see attached video.

I agree with the essence of issue RH-66668 that the current SubD components feel a bit out of alignment with the rest of the grasshopper interface. Personally I would have liked to see components for SubD-deconstruction and construction–similar to how decompose and compose for meshes work–with lists of control points(vertices), edge connections(faces), edge tags and vertex tags.