Plugin dev and external .dll reload

Hi, when updating external .dll is there anyway to unload grasshopper only, or do I have to restart rhino as well? I remember in previous version there was this command “unloadgrasshopperplugin” if I am not wrong.
I tried GrasshopperReloadAssemblies but doesn’t seems to have any effect…

No. This is not allowed by .NET mechanics.

You can probably make use of the MEF framework, which involves a lot of changes in your own code.

if you are talking about reloading .gha, then you can do GrasshopperReloadAssemblies - but make sure there is no open grasshopper documents on the GH canvas.

That is strange. Did you close all GH docs before executing the command? I have just tested in VS+Rhino 6 and it worked.