Revit Families & Rhino Blocks - Location/Base Point in different locations


Baking Graphical Elements into Rhino produces blocks (which is fantastic) but these blocks have different Base Points than original objects - are they different things?

Interestingly, this Revit object exported by Datasmith into Twinmotion also has its pivot point in the place of the red dot which makes it impossible to simply swap it with Twinmotion native asset.

This example shows baked armchair - blue point shows the original, correct Location of Revit family and the red dot shows “Base Point” of baked Rhino Block.

Hello, how did you bake the graphical element? Because when i try to bake it in grasshopper it won’t

Right Click on the Graphical Element and Bake.

Hello , how can me get “Block instance”?
I can`t find it in my grasshopper !

Not sure what plugin that is from. Extended Geometry in the Elefront Plugin lets you reference blocks.

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This component is from the Heteroptera plugin.
You can also use what Japhy suggested.