Revert to.. crash (screenshot)

in reference to a couple of crash reports i’ve sent in the past few minutes…
(when trying to revert a file to an earlier version)

here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in the few seconds after trying to revert (build 503)… the crash occurs shortly after this state… it’s an improvement over 502 which just hard crashed prior to any GUI interface showing up.

i also tried creating a new file then doing manual saves within it then reverting but the crash still happened.

i don’t think i’m losing any info in the files and when i relaunch rhino with the same drawing i crashed on, it opens at the version i was trying to revert to… regardless, i’m starting a project on thurs which is all rhino but i’ll just make sure to go old school with multiple files being duplicated/renamed etc…

on another note-- where is the best place to send any screenshots or .3dm files which may be helpful in a crash report? i don’t think we can add attachments to the crash report window…

it’s probably confusing to make a post here in this forum… would mactech@mcneel be the right place or is that an outgoing email only?

[edit] self laugh at writing “GUI interface”… same as saying “ATM machine” etc.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the report. You can send any files to or use just put ‘for BrianJ’ and reference this discourse thread in the notes. I can add it to the list with a link to this discussion.

Department of redundancy department…

:point_up: ha!

@BrianJ i was more talking about how i should send files to accompany a crash report (the window which comes up on mac upon relaunching rhino after a crash)… we can fill in info about what we were doing at the time of the crash etc which will send along with the crash log(?) but we can’t attach any files to the message…

i guess, in all reality, i could just mention in the report that i have a .3dm or img available if it would be helpful in analyzing what went wrong… in which case marlin (i assume) could email me and ask for it.

(and now that i think about it, that’s how it played out a year or two ago with a panelingTools crash i was getting… the file was requested after the report was sent)

Autosave reverts look pretty broken with the single window interface. Sigh. I’ll get this working soon because it’s important that this work right.