Retrieve the Non-Culled List


I apologize for the simple question. I would like to retrieve the ‘non-culled list’ from my culled index component. I found this post from 2012 (Retrieve what is not culled in separate list ? - Grasshopper) and tried to invert or reverse the index but that failed. More simply put, I would like to choose all the curves that are not selected in my cull index component, I attached a picture and the script. I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks, Yoav.

200226_Random (59.8 KB)

List item or you can use Dispatch indices by Pufferfish. It has List item and Cull index combined in single component.


Both very helpful. Thank you very much!

You didn’t internalize your ‘Bricks’ geometry or I would have posted code in my reply.

Why are you generating 5500 random numbers when you have only 2633 bricks? With ‘W’ (Wrap) set to True, you are getting duplicate results, eh? Or culling more bricks than intended?

If you replace the Srf param in my model with your Bricks param, it should work perfectly.

It did, thank you Joseph.