Need help to cull indices

Hello to everyone.

I need some help, to cull indices.

I Explane my problem:
I have 2 Data List, with the same number of indices (8760):
One list has only values 0 and 1, the second is a list of various comma values.

I need to remove from the second list, the indexes with the same numbering that has the value 0 in the first list.
Is that possibble to do?

Attached the GH file with the 2 List: (66.5 KB)

I sincerely thank those who can answer and help me.

Kind Regards
Gaetano R.

You can use Cull Pattern or Dispatch Pattern

…or just to cull indices like this…

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Dear Jakinta,

once again is you who helps me.

Thank you for your time and for your immediate solution!!


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