Retrieval of intersection points of 2 circles using GH Python?

Hi all,

I wish to retrieve the list of points of intersection of two circles using GH Python. The coding I have tried is shared below. Thanks in advance.


d = [i[1] for i in c]

Thank you it worked.


There was one more error that popped up. The image is placed below. Requesting help.

From the error message, it would appear that variable c is None indicating that there were no intersection events returned from rs.CurveCurveIntersection()

You should upload a grasshopper file if you want further help.


Thank you for sharing. c was None. I have resolved the issue. Even though no idea why it was happening. Am sorry I won’t be able to share the whole code, even though I will share the part of it.

Here while I was adding an if-else before the intersecting, the value of c was not transferring. No idea why. But when I removed it, it started working. Thank you for the quick reply.

I do not I started feeling working with Python coding is becoming more challenging; I have a notion but am not sure that I think c# is better for programming in GH.

I don’t think using C# instead of Python would be any less challenging unless you’re already more familiar with C#.

For writing scripts in grasshopper, it is generally preferable to use the RhinoCommon API instead of RhinoScriptSyntax.


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