Resultant and Line of Action of a Group of Vectors or Forces

I’m new to this forum and would appreciate as much help as I can get.
I’m working on a branching structure code that essentially takes vectors (forces) from a group and finds the line of action and resultant vector. This intersects several planes to create a few points. I’m having a lot of difficulty getting the correct line of action through a group of vectors. I’ve been using Pufferfish (Tween components) but cannot get this to work even with factors corresponding to relative vector magnitudes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

hey if you are looking for the resultant vector of vectors, just use the Add or Mass addition component in GH

Will this also locate the line of action with respect to a changing origin?

yes. vector doesn’t really have an origin. it’s just a direction and length. a vector carries almost exact same information as a point in GH, I believe

Got it! Thank you