Respond to click outside component


I want to create custom Attributes for my Component, but I want them to be outside of my component.

I create Bounds on the places I want them; but then want to click these rectangles. Normally I use RespondToMouseDown / RespondToMouseUp overrides to handle clicks on my attributes. However; this doesn’t seem to work when my bounds are outside of my component.

How do I click these buttons outside my component?

For reference; I want to add 4 buttons to all my Panels; and make them clickable.

Or should I use the ActiveCanvas.DocumentObjectMouseDown event?

Kind Regards


I decided on saving the locations of my buttons, and on ActiveCanvas.DocumentObjectMouseDown; record the position of the click. Then after a click; find the button linked to the position and do something with it.

This works; however it feels like a patch. Maybe future someone has an answer :slight_smile: