Request: Script to assign random names

Hi All,

I have a model with lots of parts, and I want to select some and give each part a unic name, if possible a name with a prefix and may be a number in a secuence like: Front-001, Front-002

Anyone has something like this to share?


That should not be difficult with Grasshopper and one of the scripting components. Try it out. If you have issues then post it and someone will help you.

Your request formulated like this, I doubt you’ll get a definite answer.

Thanks Ivelin, I know I may be asking too much. I don’t have experience with grasshopper or scripting.
I assume that this may be something that someone else needed before, or at least find it useful enough to create a script. I would do it if I had the knoledge.

For this use the search in this or the old forums

@laborda, you might use the built in Rhino command _SetObjectName with the option AppendCounter=Yes.



Thanks a lot @clement this works perfectly for me.