Human UI's Set List not working with a python output value

I’m having an issue changing the “Pulldown Menu” input of HumanUI.
Basically, I need a dynamic list that would add the “listened to” values to the initial ones of the pulldown.
In order to save theses values, I scripted a little python component that adds the new value listened to every time I press a Human UI button. Except that now, if I connect this new list of values to the “Set List Contents”, it bugs completely as if something was stuck in a loop, and I can’t figure out what.
Is there a problem with the script? Does anyone know of an easier way to do this?
Thanks a lot !! (21.9 KB)

Adding a data recorder to the set at the end will show that the loop only happens when the “Set List Contents” component is plugged… I don’t understand why though

is the problem due to me calling globals in the python script?

@andheum @Aldo_Sollazzo? :blush:
really stuck there… sorry for the spam

I replaced my script with this custom record component

and got the same issue. The problem seems to be coming from the SetList of humanUI but I still don’t know how to fix it…

okay solved it with metahopper’s ‘enable/disable object’ connected to the same human button (it lets the info pass for a ms then stops the loop)
This has been fun, cheers to me !