Replace a Block Definition


I have multiple instances of a block in a file that is defined in a file.

How can I change the block definition to use one from another file?

(Brian James) #3

Insert one instance of the new Block you’d like to use to replace other existing blocks. Then use the command ReplaceBlock to choose the old block you’d like to change followed by the instance of the new block to change it to that you just inserted.


and how can one link from external for automatic update? after reading Using Blocks i got bored knotting my head to pieces. the process itself seems utterly complicated enough already, despite the even more inconclusive explanation.

using blocks in a file without external data was just ok, this function could be a little more intuitiv to handle
but everything else is just a disaster in my point of view…

if somebody could abstract that for dummies logically and in detail i´d be happy to read into it.


Once a block is “linked” or “inked-embedded”, it will update “automatically.” The OP was a bout doing this on a block that was originally embedded.


yes sure, i believe i understood that, so you say i am off topic? :smiley: well never mind i seem to have figured it.
just one last question if i can stretch the patience with my off topic a bit more:

is it not possible to update already defined blocks in a file with a file from external without placing an extra instance from which i can update the other blocks in the file with?


Well I guess you can edit the block definition to link to the new file and then set it to “linked,” that might save a few clicks.

(Pascal Golay) #8

Right - if the new, desired blocks are defined in external files, I’d use BlockManager to reassign a definition. At the bottom-left of BlockManager, in the gear icon drop-down, there is “Replace block definitions with contents of file…”