Reorder a List to a Predefined Pattern

Hi Everyone,
I have a simple question regarding reordering a list. I have a tree with a single branch. This branch consists of a series paths. There is a regular repetition every 5th index, {0},{1},{2}, and {3} ,as shown below.

At index 28, we see it start again at {0}. I want to change this to {1} and on the next 28th index {2}, and the next 28th index be {3}, … Is there a way I can change this order in a branch? I was trying in multiple ways I wasn’t successful. I was trying to create my own predefined pattern in an empty panel and connect it to sort but this could only be convenient if I have a short list and not a very long one. I need to to automate this. I have attached the file and I added a Jitter component just to connect something to the Sort Component. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you so much

Reorder a List to a Predefined (13.5 KB)