Rendering in Grasshopper

Hi there,

I am wondering is there any grasshopper plug-in can do some simple real-time render to the model? Some effects like casting shadow on SketchUp?
I know that there are some plug-ins like v-ray can render baked geometries in Rhino but what I am more interested in is the plug-ins that can render grasshopper geometries…

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I have a very early stage component for Grasshopper in Rhino WIP that can do that. Unpublished still, but wanted to share so you know it can be done :slight_smile:

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your sharing, does it mean that right now in Rhino 5 is not achievable?:sob:

Correct, unless someone writes a plug-in that can do that :slight_smile:


V-Ray for Rhino 2.0 has a sample gha located in c:\ProgramData\ASGVIS\VfR564\SampleGrasshopper

This gha will allow you to render grasshopper geometry in V-Ray Production and V-Ray RT renders.

V-Ray For Rhino 3.0 has slightly more advanced Grasshopper Components located in c:\ProgramData\Chaos Group\VfR564\GrasshopperCompnents. You will have to manually install / update these every time you install.

Depending on what you are trying to do, these might meet your needs.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for your reply.
I am quite interested in the Grasshopper Components you mention.
Just wondering how do these components work. Can it do a real time rendering for the Grasshopper geometries just like SketchUp? Or they works like V-Ray, you hit a button and it just render an image?
And can I install the V-Ray For Rhino 3.0 on Rhino 5?



If I may jump in…
-“V-Ray RT” is for real-time rendering.
-V-Ray for Rhino 3 is currently in beta and the current one works with Rhino 5

Great!! :grinning:

Hey there,
Has anyone managed to render an animation with current V-Ray 3.6 for Grasshopper?