Rendering a point cloud?

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if its at all possible to turn a 3d model into a point cloud?..

I have a scene that looks like this

and i want to be able to turn the entire interior space into a point cloud like this

I understand it might be a stretch to do it in rhino/vray… but any pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated


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I wouldn’t turn this into a point cloud. You can probably do this entirely with the material properties of your renderer. A noise layer acting as an opacity channel for your materials should do the trick. Then you’re just adjusting the noise size to create the effect you’re after.

Could even render out a clown pass and do this post in Photoshop with layer masks (maybe using a brush that give a noise-like effect, or a fine spray etc.) and dial down the opacity. Use the clown to only select those regions you want ghosted and keep the background unaffected.

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This is very interesting but im sorry i should of clarified, i guess im literally trying to convert it into a pointcloud so that i could move through/pan around the space in real time.

The screenshots show a scan as a mesh and colored vertices.

Your mesh needs to have vertex colors. If it doesn’t already, you might be able to assign them in Rhino with the command ComputeVertexColors

Cloud compare is pretty good for this. It gives you control of the density of the points (irrespective of mesh vertices)
Navigation within cloud compare is frustrating, but it will generate pointclouds with colours and normals from textured meshes. It works in reverse pretty well too which is the more difficult problem


Ahhh amazing this is great, so i guess i have to just find a way to bake the lighting into the meshes textures. Do you know if this can be done in Vray/Rhino?

If you need more control over the density, you can even use TriRemesh to reduce the number of faces / vertices and get closest points of the original mesh with their colors…

In this definition I switched the Preview Point Flavour to Dot.

I’m not working with V-Ray.

I rendered my mesh in Keyshot and saved it saved as OBJ.

I assume you could do this in a similar way in Rhino / V-Ray.