Render Warrior


Chema, couldn’t find any info on what the ‘Render Warrior’ was - I thought it may be distributed rendering, so installed Maverick on two machines and double clicked the Render Warrior icon on both machines but only the machine with the license showed an available graphics card.

Do I need to buy two licenses to do distributed rendering over two computers?

Or is this something completely different?



Hello, Rob. RenderWarrior is the command-line version of Maverick. It can be used to batch render tasks, as it can be controlled with arguments (e.g., take this scene file, render it at this resolution, for this many passes, …).

RenderWarrior does not do distributed rendering per-se. But it can be used to handle distributed rendering if you already run a farm based on a generic distributed task manager (e.g., Deadline).

Rendering in two computers would need one license per computer, yes. But note that render speeds can be doubled, or tripled, using multiple GPUs (which is far less cumbersome and much more cost-effective than running multiple computers with one GPU each).

Brilliant, thanks for the explanation.