Render views to be black and white


Is there an option (or will there be one in development) that would allow a rendered view and its materials to appear black and white/greyscale?

At this point I am creating doubles of textures - one black and white, one fully coloured, and toggling this. For some detail views, I am exporting a view, taking it into Photoshop, desaturating colour, and re inputting into layout on top of the desire detail view. It would be great to cut out the middle man and have a view style which shows everything black and white within Rhino.

It can be very handy for construction drawings to give an indication of texture without fully committing to colour until further down the line.

Kind regards,

Hi Marina - in the render window you can add a ‘Final Pass’ fitler for saturation:


Hi Pascal,

Thank you! Sorry I think I was unclear - When I said rendered view I meant the display mode rendered view and not an actual render. So being able to change a detail in layout view to show black and white, rather than colour.

That is a very handy thing to note for rendered images though!

Hi Marina -

Does the Arctic display mode do what you are after?

Hi Wim

No arctic display mode shows the geometry black and white or you can have the object show its rendered material (coloured) I was looking for an option where the assigned material can show up as black and white