Render View - High Sierra

We have been using Rhino for Mac in our offices for a while and although not as fully functional as the windows version is still an excellent product.

However recently we have upgraded to High Sierra and the render window seems to be unresponsive.

We can place materials onto the model, they just don’t show up.

Any ideas why this would be?

does your Mac have Nvidia graphics cards ?

I have no idea, have ended up letting the IT guys look at it and they seem to have fixed it. Something to do with the graphics card and the update changing settings, but my technical knowledge isn’t great with things like this.

I was just wondering if other had the same problem. We don’t tend to use rendering that often so it hasn’t been an issue so far.

There is a known issue with High Sierra and Nvidia Cuda graphics, maybe it was that, maybe not, it has caused me a few problems :frowning: