Render geometry into matrix / array, with line thickness?

I’m building a 2D array that will represent a pattern to be applied to a surface. Which means I find myself writing graphics primitives to manipulate the array, which is a pain, even before getting to dithering and thickness and transparency.

It seems like there should be a way to do the rendering using standard GH primitives and then sample the result into an array of arbitrary size. But I’m having a hard time seeing it. In fact I’m having a hard time making a mockup even, except to build the X * Y matrix.

Any clever ideas for drawing circles, lines, arcs, etc into a 2D tree that represents X and Y coordinates?

Ok, here’s a stab at what I’m trying to do, working with a single line. It’s fragile and doesn’t even support a second line. (12.8 KB)

I would do something like this (9.3 KB)

I guess you want to generate a big number of combinations based of the same amount and type of curves: what curves need to be there?

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Oh, that’s clever, thanks! It’ll be a wide variety of lines and curves, but I think that approach will work just fine for my needs. Many thanks!