Render farm

if I will create a network in mac osx, I will use all the computers CPU’s for the Cycles rendering in Rhino mac, in some way?

I am not an expert on this topic, but here are some thoughts regarding the rendering engine:

If you want to create a render farm, I would suggest checking out Octane X. Cycles for Rhino Mac does not really perform well yet…
Octane renders distributively and has probably the best Metal implementation possible (GPU-rendering), since they collaborated with Apple on the drivers. However a Rhino version is in the plans, but not out yet.

Adding network node support for our Cycles integration will happen in the future (but not very soon).

Consider some hack to allow hooking to SheepIt :wink:

SheepIt uses Blender to render, meaning also projects are submitted as .blend files. Will not work.

As far as I know Octane X has not been released yet, and then you will have to wait until they develop an octane plugin for Mac Rhino. So, having into consideration how long it takes to develops software, I wouldn’t count on this solution in a time frame of at least two years…

Let’s face it, the current situation for Mac users looking for a GPU rendering solution is very limited, and none of them exist for Rhino.

It is currently in beta and will probably be officially released with the next macOS 10.15.5 update, that will include the needed Metal drivers AFAIK. But yeah the Rhino version is another thing… lets see!