Render by OpenNURBS

How can I use OpenNURBS to create a NURBS surface and render it ? That means which libraries -functions can I use.

Do you want to do this outside of Rhino, or in Rhino as a plug-in?

Outside of Rhino.

Outside of Rhino the OpenNURBS SDK is primarily for reading and writing the .3dm file format. You should be able to create a NURBS surface indeed, but you won’t have any rendering facilities, nor any of the geometry operations.

I just use OpenNURBS for secondary development.So can I use the header files ‘‘opennurbs_gl.h’’ and ‘‘opennurbs.h’’ to render the NURBS surface in an independent window? Besides,any other header files necessary?

@dale can you help here?

Hi @user1718,

You can certain create NURBS surfaces using openNURBS. However, you will not be able to tessellate (e.g. mesh) them, as openNURBS does not include this feature (as well as others).

The opennurbs_gl.h file you see is obsolete.

– Dale