RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges Not Working Rhino8 WIP

I have been trying to use RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges in the WIP. I downloaded a model from a previous Rhino forum question regarding the tool. The tool works on the model in R6 and R7 but not in R8. The model I downloaded is from this thread:

Is there a reason it is not working?


I open the file in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 and I can use RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges to correct the model. I open the file in Rhino 8 and RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges does not remove the edge.

Give it a shot:
-Factory Reset, includes all of the options above
Reboot Rhino 8 WIP

I tried that and it corrected the issue. Thank you!