Remove surfaces from lists

Hi everyone, im trying to separate a group of beams that connect with the columns, from those that not. I tried this definition but although i manage to extract the beams that do touch the columns, i have issues with extracting the other beams without generating a lot of duplicates

Remove (14.2 KB) s.

You did not internalize your geometry.

Sorry Joseph, here is the file with the geometry

Remove (78.7 KB)

You could use Collision One/Many.

Remove (72.9 KB)
If you are using R7, you could also use Clashwhich is more robust tool IMO…

Wow that’s really easy and works like a charm. I actually found that if i flipped the matrix and used the “smaller than” component on each of the distances from one line to each of the points, and then used mass addition, I could also create a dispatch pattern. Sorry if it’s not clear.

Thank you HS_Kim!