Remove faces from a solid/brep

Screenshot 2023-06-07 170458
I am trying to remove the 2 faces pointed to at the picture above and the face at the bottom of the dome. The way I thought of doing it is by placing a point on those surfaces and using the closest point component to get the distance from the closest point to that surface and checking if its zero. By doing this, I have 3 lists of true false values and the true is at the index of the face to be removed, in their own list. Against the vertical faces, for some reason the equality component won’t recognize the 0 to be equal to 0, so I settled with making it less than a really small number close to 0. How do I combine the 3 lists into 1 list to be true at the correct index and false at everything else, or is there a better way to remove these faces? I have grouped the relevant components together.

dome good (39.9 KB)

dome good (41.2 KB)

Thank you very much!