How to remove unwanted surfaces (solid difference, quad panels)

I’m not sure which command is doing this, but I get unwanted surfaces showing up from objects that have been solid differenced previously.

I want to isotrim the surfaces from a ‘solid difference’ object, so I used ‘deconstruct brep’ and ‘quad panels’.

It’s meant to indent like this but with isotrim added.

unwanted (70.2 KB)

Try MergeFaces…

Where should I plug it in?

Only opened your file now. I’m not using Lunchbox so I don’t see the last bit.

Which are the unwanted surfaces?

The unwanted surfaces are the rectangle that’s being pushed into the tower

I can make an isotrim version and send the file here

Do you need the horizontal floors for the window frames?

If not, simply split the loft before capping it.

unwanted (84.9 KB)

unwanted surfaces (70.5 KB)

I changed to isotrim.
Also tried your version, but I think I do want the inside surface (not really the floors, but to see the indent)

Sorry I think I don’t understand which surfaces you want to get rid of.

These ones?

You need to shrink the surfaces and in Grasshopper this requires a little bit of scripting.

unwanted surfaces edited (72.6 KB)


Thank you so much! That works :+1:

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Thank you for going through all this time to help :pray: much appreciated!

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