Remapping issue

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use remap in order to move the central point of each frame so that the lowest part of the ring does not move and as it moves to the top part is has the largest movement. Despite this I get the same value for everything after using the remap component.
Thinking that I am doing something wrong with my data trees but can’t find the solution.

Appreciate your time.
Alexandros (23.9 KB)

Do you mean like this? (17.5 KB)

Hello @HS_Kim

Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for. I was trying again now but I was over-complicating things with my data trees. Makes much more sense now.
Do you know why the top crease does not blend with the rest of the mesh after the catmull subdivision?

Also @HS_Kim can you please explain me how you did your points moving from lower to the higher part?
On my definition the count starts from one side going around and meeting again on the starting point.
I didn’t understand how you fixed this on your definition.

Use Mesh WeldVertices fr meshedit plugin. (17.9 KB)

Great. Thank you for your time @HS_Kim

Sorry to be sending again @HS_Kim
Just wanted to ask again my previous question regarding sorting out points so that the displacement moved from the lowest to highest part and not like my photo?
Just to understand the methodology.